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    Work-Related Injuries: How to Prove Work Caused Them

    No one wants work-related injuries. But, unfortunately, accidents happen, and injured workers must make the best out of their situation. That means ensuring that they get the best medical treatment for their injuries. That also means they must hire the best Nashville workers’ compensation lawyers to obtain maximum financial compensation.

    Consulting a seasoned work comp attorney is necessary because Nashville’s workers’ compensation system is quite complicated. A simple mistake on your part can permanently destroy your compensation claims. You’ll need someone with extensive experience in Nashville’s workers’ compensation laws and practices to help you navigate the process.

    One of the most common complications you may encounter is proving your work-related injuries. That’s because, in some cases, your work-related injuries and accidents can be challenging to verify. In this article, we’ll discuss how to prove your work-related injuries. We’ll also discuss what happens next after you’ve reported your injuries to your employer.

    What Are The Most Common Work-Related Accidents in Nashville?

    According to Injury Facts, these accidents are the primary causes of work-related injuries in the USA:

    • Exposure to Harmful Substances

    Harmful substances or environments include radiation, dangerous chemicals, extreme temperatures, etc. Exposure to such conditions can cause devastating occupational diseases and work accident injuries.

    • Overexertion and Bodily Reaction 

    Overexertion results from working long hours without adequate breaks in-between. This causes non-impact traumas and specific repetitive stress injuries. They may also result in work-related psychological damage that is hard to prove 

    • Falls, Slips, and Trips

    These are among the most common on-the-job accidents in Nashville. Unfortunately, they also cause some of the most life-threatening injuries like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, etc.

    • Contact With Objects 

    Struck-by accidents are among the typical cases in this category. They typically cause fractures and other shattering injuries.

    How Do I Prove That My Injuries Happened at Work?

    Nashville employers and their insurance companies may attempt to pass off your injuries as the result of a pre-existing condition. This is how you can prove them wrong in such situations:

    • Pictures and Videos 

    Taking pictures and videos at the accident scene immediately after it happens can prove that you sustained work-related injuries. It can also establish the extent of the damage to facilitate your maximum compensation. Ensure that you capture essential items in your pictures. For example, capture the broken railing or slippery floors that caused your accident.

    • Witness Reports 

    Anyone who witnessed your accident and injuries can report what they saw. They may be co-workers, customers, or bystanders. Regardless of who they are, it’s always best to record witness testimonies after your work accident. If you can’t do it yourself, ask someone else to record the testimonies.

    • Doctor’s Reports 

    Your medical records and doctor’s report can prove that you had no pre-existing conditions that may have caused your injuries. That’s why you must seek medical attention immediately after sustaining injuries at work.

    • A Workplace Injury Attorney 

    A workers’ compensation lawyer is trained to find evidence to prove your work injuries. So, ensure that you hire one as soon as possible. Even in the most challenging situations, they can find a way around it.

    Employer’s Responsibility After You Report Your Work-Related Injuries 

    There are proper procedures that every employer must follow when they receive a work injury report from an employee. Such processes ensure that the workers’ compensation claims go on as smoothly as possible.

    First, employers must protect the rights of injured workers to the best of their abilities. They must also provide medical aid for victims or permit them to visit a physician of their choice. Employers must also cooperate with the insurance companies in ensuring thorough investigations and prompt release of benefits.

    That means that they mustn’t unnecessarily delay a claims process or engage in any form of work comp fraud. Employers must also refrain from discriminating or retaliating against workers’ compensation claimants.

    Get Help From a Reputable Nashville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer ASAP! 

    While you don’t need to establish fault in a work comp claim, you must prove that your injuries are work-related. In some cases, such as psychological traumas, on-the-job injuries can be challenging to prove. So, it’s always a wise idea to seek help from someone who knows the system and can establish your injuries.

    Our Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys are just the perfect legal professionals for your case. From proving work-related injuries to ensuring that you get maximum compensation, we’ll go all out for you. We’ll also advocate for your rights by filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit when necessary. So give us a ring immediately to schedule a free case review.

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