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    We help people who have been injured in auto accidents, personal injury, workers’ injuries.

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    Auto Accidents

    Every year, motor vehicle accidents kill thousands of individuals and injure thousands of more people across the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year about 30,000 people are killed in motor vehicle crashes. Motor vehicle crashes are a serious health problem.

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    Personal Injury

    A personal injury lawsuit is one of the most common types of lawsuits filed with the courts. A personal injury lawsuit is a legal proceeding that an injured party files with the court system in order to hold another party or parties responsible for their negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct.

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    Workers' Compensation

    Here is a common situation that happens far too often: an employee suffers an injury during the course of employment that requires the employee to seek medical attention or keeps the employee out of work for a period of time, or both. As a result of the workplace injury, the employee is required to seek medical attention and may have to spend a significant amount in medical costs.

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    Nashville Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Unfair Treatment After Filing

    nashville workers compensation lawyers

    Being treated unfairly or unlawfully fired from your workplace after filing a claim can be frustrating. By law, an employer is not allowed to fire an employee for filing a workplace complaint or lawsuit. All the employees have legal employment rights. There are federal and state laws that administer various aspects of workplace relationships to…

    Work Conditions: Unsafe/Unsanitary Conditions and Workers Comp

    work conditions

    You may wonder if illnesses from an unsafe or unsanitary work conditions qualify for a worker’s compensation claim. The answer is: it depends. Each state has different laws governing worker’s compensation, so it’s essential to speak with an attorney in your area to find out if you’re eligible for benefits. Generally speaking, however, most workers…

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