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    Mistakes That Hurt Nashville Workers’ Comp Claims

    Employers in Nashville, Tennessee, often provide conducive environments for their workers. However, no matter how hard they try, accidents still happen in the workplace. That’s why there’s the workers’ compensation law. This law mandates business owners to take out insurance for their employees. Therefore, wounded workers can still collect part of their wages and their medical bills.

    Unfortunately, though, Nashville workers often endanger their compensation claims. They usually do these things because they didn’t hire Nashville workers’ comp attorneys. If they had lawyers, such attorneys would regulate their conduct to get the maximum compensation.

    7 Mistakes Injured Nashville Employees Make

    Wounded Nashville workers make many mistakes with their compensation claims. However, these are the top seven you should always avoid.

    1. Failing to Report Your Accident

    Most American states require employees to inform the business owner of any accidents and injuries. In Nashville, you have 15 days to file this report. Furthermore, your time starts counting from the injury date. Therefore, if you miss this deadline, you’ll lose your right to benefits. It’s only on rare occasions that you can still recover compensation after a late notification. So, it’s best to always report work accident injuries early.

    2. Getting Treatment From Unauthorized Doctors

    Nashville employees must receive medical treatment only from an authorized physician. An authorized doctor is one on a panel of three your employer chooses. Whichever doctor you choose for medical care is then known as the “authorized” treating physician. If you get medical attention from unauthorized personnel, your employer may escape liability for your medical bills. 

    3. Seeking Medical Attention Late

    The best time to see an authorized doctor is immediately after the work accident. However, many employees make the mistake of waiting too long before getting treatment. The disadvantage is that it may be difficult to link your injuries to the accident. Therefore, your employer may argue that your wounds aren’t the direct result of the job-related mishap.

    4. Providing False or Misleading Information

    When many employees finally notify their employers of their injuries, they sometimes give false data. Conversely, the information may not be absolutely incorrect. Instead, it could merely be misleading or half-true. This is dangerous because workers’ comp fraud is a severe issue. 

    Your employer or their insurer can classify this as insurance fraud. Consequently, if they prove that you lied, they can avoid paying your benefits. In addition, you may have to repay all previously paid benefits. Finally, insurance fraud may also carry a jail term.

    5. Speaking With Your Employer Without a Lawyer

    Many Nashville workers think that their employers have their interests at heart. Indeed, this may have been true before your injury. However, everything changes once you suffer a job accident. This is because neither the business owner nor their insurer wants to pay any compensation. Therefore, they can employ tactics to avoid this liability. 

    One such trick could be getting you to give a statement. But, when you provide a statement, your employer and their insurer will most likely try to find any inconsistencies or loopholes in your story. If they find any, they can use it against your case. So, it’ll be best to only speak to your employer under the supervision of your attorney.

    6. Not Getting a Second Opinion

    Indeed, you must submit to the authorized physician. However, getting a second medical opinion is wise. Authorized physicians are usually loyal to your employer or their insurer. Therefore, seeing a doctor with your best interests at heart would prove beneficial. For example, if the second doctor gives a contrary opinion to the authorized physician’s, it can positively impact your settlement. It could also affect how soon you return to work. 

    7. Disobeying the Doctor’s Orders

    Treating physicians always give instructions to wounded Nashville workers. Such orders would ordinarily hasten your recovery. So, disobeying your doctor can aggravate your condition. Consequently, it would delay your recovery. In such cases, your employer may credit your lingering injury to your actions. Where this is successful, they may avoid further liability for your wounds.

    Nashville Workers’ Comp Lawyers Can Help You!

    Have you suffered a work-related injury in Nashville? If so, you can receive compensation for your injuries. Do you think that you’ve made a mistake with your claim? Even if you have, you may still have a chance to recover fair workers’ compensation. However, you’ll need the best Nashville workers’ comp attorneys.

    Our lawyers have handled several workers’ compensation claims. In the process, we’ve represented clients who made winning difficult. However, our attorneys still have an excellent track record with workers’ comp claims. So if you call us today, we can start working on rectifying whatever mistake you’ve made with your compensation claim.

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