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    What’s the Difference Between Workers’ Comp and SSDI?

    If you’re a Nashville worker, you’ve probably heard of workers’ compensation and SSDI in the course of your work. If you haven’t, workers’ compensation ensures that anyone who sustains a work-related injury gets financial damages for their pain. However, it’s not only the employees who benefit from this policy.

    Employers who have workers’ comp insurance are immune to personal injury lawsuits from their employees. So, it’s usually a win-win situation for both parties. Employees can only file work-related injury lawsuits under a few exceptions.

    However, there’s another kind of compensation that workers can receive in Tennessee. They’re the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Many people find it challenging to distinguish between both types of benefits. While we’d discuss that in this article, it’s always important to consult a workers’ comp attorney for your work-related cases.

    What Is Workers’ Compensation? 

    Workers’ compensation is a kind of insurance that employers maintain to cover their employees’ work-related injuries. In turn, the employees waive their rights to sue their employers for their injuries. As such, both parties avoid the legal fees that they would have incurred from a lawsuit. 

    Also, to get a work comp settlement, it is crucial that the injury suffered occurred while carrying out a work-related function. For example,  warehouse workers can get compensation if they sustained injuries while operating a forklift. However, if they were in an accident as they journeyed to their workplace, they wouldn’t be eligible for workers’ compensation.

    Workers’ comp usually covers economic and non-economic damages in some cases. Monetary or economic damages include medical bills, lost wages, future earning capacity, etc. Non-economic compensation covers non-financial damages like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, etc. 

    What Does Social Security Disability Insurance Entail?

    SSDI is a national program that benefits people who are below 65 years and have ample work credits. The federal program pays eligible employees monthly sums if they become disabled. When employees work, they pay some money into the system regularly. The value of the benefits you will receive depends on how much you earned in your lifetime.

    What Are the Differences Between SSDI and Workers’ Comp?

    Workers’ compensation and disability insurance can cover an employee’s disability in some circumstances. However, they are two completely different types of insurance. The following are the differences between workers’ compensation and SSDI:

    • Recipients and Payments

    One of the most significant differences between both types of benefits is their recipients. Workers Compensation’ goes to employees who suffered workplace injuries or illnesses. Their employer’s insurance policy covers that.

    For SSDI, however, the recipients get compensation for non-work-related injuries. Instead, it covers illnesses and disabilities that affect the victim’s work. Again, it’s the federal government that pays SSDI to injured workers.

    • Administration

    Every state has its workers’ compensation board for cases like this. Meanwhile, the Social Security Administration covers SSDI.

    • Purpose

    Workers’ compensation aims to provide the workers with medical bills, lost wages, etc. For SSDI, the payment covers everyday living expenses.

    • Amount 

    The amount of compensation you get in a workers’ comp claim depends on several factors. That includes the severity of your injury, your income, etc. For SSDI, your compensation depends on how much you’ve earned in your lifetime.

    When Should I Get a Lawyer? 

    While you can handle your workers’ comp cases all by yourself, it’s not advisable to do so.  You need legal representation if you are in one of the following situations: 

    • Your employer denied your claim
    • You are in the process of receiving SSDI benefits 
    • Your employer neglected to have workers compensation insurance
    • It’s a case of victimization 
    • A third party is liable for your injuries
    • You’re unable to resume work because of your injuries. 

    A qualified Nashville work comp lawyer will help you with the paperwork and represent your interest before your employers. They’d offer you quality legal advice and ensure that you make no mistakes in your claim.

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