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    Workplace Injury: How To File an Insurance Claim in Nashville

    A workplace injury should never be ignored. If an accident occurs at a workplace, the responsibility falls on the employer as it is their job to make the workplace as safe as possible. All employers must make their workers aware of any dangers that might be present at any location.

    Although workplace safety requirements have drastically improved over the past few years, all employees are still protected by workers’ compensation, in case an accident does occur. This is because an employee should be provided with a safe and healthy environment to work in. Employers cannot risk their workforce’s safety and reduce productivity.

    Unfortunately, if any accident or injury occurs at your workplace, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Nashville to claim fair compensation.

    At the Nashville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Legal Group, our team of Nashville workers compensation lawyers is here to help you throughout the claim process. We’ll put together all the facts and evidence concerning your case and ensure that you’re reimbursed fairly for all losses.

    But let’s understand the protocol first.

    Get Medical Treatment Immediately

    If you or an employee is injured, the first thing to do is get immediate medical help as workplace injuries should not be taken lightly. Inform your supervisor or employer of the accident and all the related details. The medical treatment will be covered by the workers’ compensation board so an authorized healthcare provider can help you out.

    An employee has the right to file a complaint against the workplace’s safety and can take steps to receive an insurance claim as well. You should reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Nashville who can tell you what to do if you face an injury at work. 

    Investigate The Injury

    Your employer will need to investigate the injury and find out when, where, and why it happened to fill out a complete report and prevent any future incidents from occurring. The workers’ insurance carrier will need a detailed statement regarding the accident so they have all the facts. 

    The employer should stay in touch with the insurance board throughout the entire investigation to provide them with any information they need. Your Nashville workers’ compensation lawyer will get notified of any contact between the employer and the insurance board. 

    Complete A Full Injury Report

    Whether there’s an accident or any personal injury, the employers will need to get in touch with the legal representatives involved to complete the injury report. Most employers use the injury report form provided by the workers’ compensation board and they can reach out to the injured employee to help out with any information about the accident.

    The employer should communicate with the injured employee to inform them of the entire process of the illness/injury report and discuss any concerns they might have. This report should be completed on time so it can be submitted to all the appropriate parties involved.

    Communicate To All Workers

    It’s the employer’s responsibility to open a direct communication line with the rest of the workers so none of them are susceptible to any accidents in the future. Any workplace injury, whether minor or severe can be a cause of alarm for the employees and the situation should be dealt with in the right manner.

    The employees should know that they are safe when they are at work and should be informed of their rights and the precautions to take to avoid any mishaps in the future.

    Report The Incident 

    The workers’ compensation board says that the injured employee has the right to get any medical help they need and can file an insurance claim against their workplace. One of our personal injury lawyers in Nashville can guide you and provide strong legal representation when you are reporting the accident.

    Our experts can help file and navigate the claim and make sure you’re back at work within no time. The timing of reporting a workplace injury is very crucial so you need to do it immediately if you want to be properly compensated and return to work on time. 

    Filing A Workplace Injury Claim

    Within 5-10 days of the accident occurring, the workers’ compensation carrier and the board should be informed and a complete injury report should be submitted. When you’re filing an insurance claim for a personal injury, your employer has the option to question your claim.

    Both the workers’ board and the insurance carrier have the right to further investigate the workplace injury and the employee’s claim to ensure that all information provided is true.

    Fill Out The Report

    There are many workplace injury forms available that can be submitted both via mail or email but you should be aware to do everything promptly. However, when filing any forms or reports, keep in mind that all your statements will be legally binding that’s why an experienced legal professional can help you out when filing for insurance.

    The injured employee will continue to receive adequate medical treatment and is also entitled to get their compensation wages during the time they’re not able to work due to the injury. The employer has the right to ask for any reimbursement if the workers’ compensation board makes any such decision. 

    Once, the employee has filed an insurance claim for their injury, the workers’ comp can begin their work because it’s important for the employee to get back to work on time. The employer also needs to submit an injury report and establish a timeline so the injured worker can return easily.

    Get In Touch With Your Employer (The Workers’ Compensation Carrier)

    The workers’ compensation board and the insurance carrier will inform you of your rights as an employee and help you out with the process. Once the insurance carrier has all the required documents they need, they can begin to proceed with the insurance claim process. The workers’ comp will inform you if the insurance claim was approved or denied by the board. 

    The entire insurance claim process depends upon the circumstances in which the accident occurred. Once, you get your claim approved, you will be entitled to receive monetary compensation for the injury, medical treatment, or any wages you lost. 

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    When filing any type of claim, you need to make sure that you have legal experts around you. Our team of Nashville workers compensation lawyers can help you with filling out any forms and filing any claims. The Nashville Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Legal Group is committed to helping victims get fairly compensated for all economic and non-economic damages.

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