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    Workers’ Compensation: What Is It?

    A lot of people get hurt in the line of duty. No matter what organization you are associated with, you can get hurt. Anyone injured while performing their duties is eligible for worker’s compensation. So, if you have sustained an injury at work, you should talk to a Nashville, TN personal injury lawyer

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than fifty-seven thousand people sustain non-fatal workplace mishaps in the private industry of Tennessee. Still, these statistics only give us a vague idea of the accidents. Most cases of work injuries are sprains and strains. The jobs which involve sprains and strains the most include nursing assistants, laborers, cargo dealers, etc.

    How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

    Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy designed to protect the rights of employees. Through this policy, the employee who gets injured at work can get financial compensation for their loss. The benefits cover medical expenses, lost wages due to days off, etc.

    Moreover, the workers’ compensation policy does not only benefit the employees but also protects the employer. Firstly, the business owner will not have to pay the employee’s expenses out of pocket. Secondly, worker’s compensation entitles employees to benefits but revokes their right to take any legal action against the company.

    What Are Work-Related Injuries; Explained by A Nashville, TN Work Injury Lawyer:

    Workers’ compensation covers almost every injury that occurs at work. The damage and accidents caused due to exposure to work equipment, chemicals, and other work-related activities are occupational injuries. As soon as the injury occurs, the workers’ compensation covers it.

    However, time is a necessary factor. The victim has limited time to report the accident and receive benefits. Therefore, it is urgent to inform a work accident to your employer as soon as it occurs. The insurance provider can deny your claim to the benefits if there is a delay on your behalf. Furthermore, the delay in the claim gives an impression of it being less legitimate.

    As per a Nashville, TN, work injury lawyer, there are certain types of illnesses that workers’ insurance does not cover. For instance:

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Backaches due to repetitive movement
    • Stress or other psychiatric illnesses
    • Self-inflicted injuries
    • Injuries caused as a result of a fight
    • Injuries occurred under the intoxication of drugs or alcohol
    • Injuries to lungs due to exposure to toxic substances

    Moreover, the worker will not receive benefits of the workers’ compensation insurance under the following conditions:

    • Workers’ compensation will not provide coverage if blood tests prove that the victim was under drugs or alcohol intoxication
    • If the worker violates the law or the company’s policy, they will not receive any benefits
    • The employee was not at work when they got injured

    Who Should Have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

    If you are an employer and do not carry workers’ insurance, you can face lawsuits and fines. You can get this insurance for your employees from any insurance agent.

    This insurance covers a range of workers. But, some professions require more benefits compared to others. Here is a list of industries that must have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees:

    • Architecture and Engineering
    • Clothing retailers
    • Contractors like electricians, floor installation, etc.
    • Food and Beverage industries
    • Law Enforcement and Legal services
    • Medical and Healthcare
    • Scientific services
    • Technology

    Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

    Every state has different policies for its workers’ insurance coverage. Mostly it is the law enforcement authorities that determine the benefits to offer in workers’ compensation. In general, the workers’ compensation insurance allows the injured employee to receive benefits for:

    • Lost wages for the days an employee takes off from work
    • Medical costs during the treatment process
    • Occupational rehabilitation expenses for the workers that need ongoing care to help them get back to work
    • Disabilities benefits for the employees rendered disabled after sustaining an occupational injury
    • Death benefits like funeral costs if the employee passes away

    The Process for Claiming Workers’ Compensation and its Cost:

    The foremost and arguably the most urgent step of workers’ compensation is providing prompt medical assistance to the injured employee. It can be emergency care or immediate shifting of the employee to the hospital for swift medical treatment. It is important to remember that the injured employee should maintain a proper record of their medical expenses.

    Secondly, they should inform the employer instantly. Early reporting of the incident can accelerate the process and cause less trouble. A verbal notification followed by a written one is the best option. Thirdly, the employee should fill out a workers’ insurance claim form with all details attached as soon as possible.

    The amount one pays for workers’ compensation is called a premium and it is the employer who pays for it. The employees get this benefit in exchange for their right to sue the company for an occupational injury.

    The workers’ premium depends upon several factors unique to the type of the business, including:

    • The industry the organization operates in
    • Where the company is located
    • The number of employees within the organization
    • The company’s history of safety and workers’ compensation claims
    • The company’s annual payroll

    When to Reach Out to a Nashville, TN Work Injury Lawyer:

    The injured workers must receive full benefits of workers’ compensation insurance. Sometimes even when the injuries are presumed to be work-related, the authorities might try to refute their compensation benefits.

    In such a situation, the employee can appeal a denied claim or dispute the number of benefits. The victim should file the claim promptly. It is important to remember that employees are entitled to benefits of workers’ compensation regardless of their fault. Undoubtedly, the system has a no-fault approach.

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