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    What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Nashville?

    A car accident in Nashville is never an easy occurrence. One minute you’re driving or traveling safely in a vehicle, and the next, the car is probably rolling over or striking a barrier on the road. The sudden nature of traffic collisions leaves most people disoriented and panicky. Unfortunately, this often causes them to make mistakes that put them on the offending side of the law. 

    Actions or inactions after a car accident can also affect the personal injury claims process. Thus, it is crucial to take specific steps immediately after a motor vehicle collision in Nashville. In this article, our expert Nashville auto accident lawyers provide insights on what you should do after a car accident. You can call us immediately after a crash, and we will help you through the claims process. 

    What Step Should You Take After a Car Accident?

    Besides car accidents, you could also get involved in truck accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, or pedestrian accidents. Sometimes, you could collide with any of the preceding. Whatever the case, you should take the following steps immediately after the occurrence.

    Stop the Vehicle

    After a car accident, the first thing to do is to stop your vehicle by pulling over to the slow lane. However, there are instances where your car would be badly damaged, and you have no choice but to leave it at the crash spot. If this happens, alight from the vehicle if you can, and remain at the scene. Then, you can move yourself to a safe place and stay there until help comes. 

    One thing you should never do is leave an accident scene, whether you’re a victim or a fault party. You must stay until you give the police your statement and they clear you to go. Leaving the scene amounts to an offense, and the punishment you face depends on whether you’re the victim or the fault party. 

    Contact the Police 

    After stopping, you need to dial 911 to request an ambulance and inform the police. When the police arrive at the accident scene, cooperate with their investigation and answer questions truthfully. Note that the police would use witness statements, video footage, and accident reconstruction to piece together what happened. 

    So, it’s best to answer candidly and communicate only the facts. Also, you should avoid drawing legal conclusions or discussing issues of liability. Don’t make assumptions about the accident, and only discuss liability after contacting your Nashville auto accident attorney. 

    Seek Medical Attention 

    The fact that you’re fit to remain at the car accident site and contact the police means that you’re not severely injured. Because of this fact, you might delay or not get any medical treatment. If you desire to file a personal injury claim, you should seek medical attention immediately after an accident. 

    Whiplash, neck injuries, and some internal injuries do not manifest immediately. However, wasting time could worsen your wound or cause permanent damage. So, ensure you get a thorough checkup. Furthermore, keep the receipts and a journal of your treatment journey. Finally, follow all the doctor’s instructions, as all these would be useful in an injury claim or lawsuit.

    Gather Evidence

    Whether it’s an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit, you need evidence to win. Thus, take pictures of everyone at the crash site. If you can, take photos of the crash scene and speak to witnesses. Exchange information with the witnesses and the other driver if they are not severely injured and coherent. Follow up on the police investigation, and obtain a copy of the accident report once they conclude their study. 

    Inform Your Auto Insurance Provider

    After a car accident, you should promptly inform your insurance provider. Most insurance policies have a stipulated time to make a report before they can refuse to entertain it. So check the time stated in your contract and file the report within that time. But ensure you stick to the facts and without making assumptions. 

    Speak With an Attorney

    Tennessee is an at-fault state, meaning the fault party would compensate the victim. As a crash victim, the claims process would be faster, and the settlement sum more considerable with a lawyer by your side. Also, lawyers understand dealing with insurance adjusters better than you do, and if the case goes to trial, understand the litigation process. 

    Let Our Nashville Auto Accident Lawyers Help You!

    Legal battles are best fought with a team of expert attorneys by your side. By choosing to work with our Nashville car accident lawyers, you’ll have a team who’ll stand by you from start to finish. We neither retreat nor surrender until we get you what you deserve. So call us today to get started with a free case review. 

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